The FCE Speaking Part 3 involves actual interaction between you and other candidates as it entails a thorough discussion about a certain topic that will be given to you by the examiner. Then the candidates are given another question to answer together. Phrases other than those above with the same key words and phrases … This part of the test is supposed to last 4 minutes, or 5 minutes if the speaking task is carried out by 3 candidates. Shall we move on?B- Sure!A- Actually, maybe boyfriends have the same problem with their girlfriends. Preparador de exámenes de Cambridge. The first one takes 2 minutes.During this time you discuss a question and 5 prompts with your partner, the other candidate. In Part 3 of this exam, you’ll be given a prompt with a question and several solutions. Other resources. In Speaking Part 3 it is really important to show good teamwork. February 29, 2016 A- Which one shall we start with?B- I'll talk about brothers and sisters first. Speaking Reading Writing Listening . What do you think?Don't you agree?Do you have anything to say about that?Do you have anything to add to that?Did I forget anything? Autor y creador de materiales de aprendizaje. The examiner asks you and your partner to talk together. The examiner will interrupt the conversation above and say: Thank you. » FCE SPEAKING PART 3 SAMPLE CARDS/КАРТОЧКИ #1. disagreeing spontaneously in response to something that is said. For more information about the First exam (previously known as FCE), visit Cambridge English: First / What’s in the exam? We show you three simple steps you can follow to help you keep talking and get a good mark in this part of the speaking exam. It depends on the culture and background a little bit, but I've seen it quite a few times. Everyone argues about money and chores!A- I feel like parents and teenagers is exactly the same... so let's skip it for now and talk about work colleagues?B- Great idea. Wouldn’t you agree? Second, after the brief discussion, you and your partner will have to decide on the best option for the situation proposed in the first part of the discussion. Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Speaking Part Three Phrases Presentation, Practice and Games Key words for FCE Speaking Part Three Use these key words to help you with the last task. Cambridge English: First / What’s in the exam? So let’s see what they are for FCE Speaking part 3 with an example: Now, I’d like you to talk about something together for about two minutes. Thank you. It can be used as preparation for FCE and CAE due to its similarity to part 3 of the speaking test. If the city offers a good shopping experience, many people will be attracted to it, which I guess is quite positive for everyone. Do you have anything to add to this list? That’s why you should always make sure to take turns, put in … You can listen to the audio twice. Join onestopenglish today . You remember that in the 1st part of Speaking Part 3 you have 2 minutes to discuss a question and 5 options with your partner. This part of the test comprises 1 discussion divided into 2 parts. – Candidate A: Oh, that’s a great idea. If you read the task above carefully, you will notice the following features in FCE Speaking part 3: In this section, we’ll go over some useful phrases that you can use in any discussion like the one in this part of the B2 Speaking. For this reason, it is absolutely essential to know the instructions you will receive during the B2 FCE’s speaking test. First Certificate in English (FCE) Speaking Part Three What will it be like when I enter the room? For part 3, you will be shown a spider diagram with a question in the middle and 5 topics connected to it (see the picture in the video below). B2 First exam part 3 - the collaborative task. Learn about part three of the Cambridge FCE speaking exam and how to improve your score in this lesson. Then you're in luck! Únete al nuevo grupo exclusivo de KSE Academy donde comparto material extra, hago Facebook Lives y os ayudo con las dudas que tengáis. Try My Cambridge Exam Course - One Lesson Free! Once you finish that discussion you need to make a decision together based on … Um... one of the problems I had with my sister is that she spends hours in the bathroom.A- Oh, I know that one!B- It's not like a big problem but it was a bit annoying.A- I totally agree - in my case it was my brother who took these really long baths and made a total mess.B- Are there any other problems in that relationship?A- Maybe about money when their parents die. This part of the test comprises 1 discussion divided into 2 parts. Sorry to interrupt but...Just a second... Right.Good point.I fully agree.I was just thinking that!I was just going to say that!That's just what I was thinking.I couldn't agree more.You're totally right. The most important thing is to show the examiner that you are. Now you have about a minute to decide which idea would be best for the town. And don’t forget to keep up with KSE Academy’s latest news by following me on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! We demonstrate how to structure your talk and also, how NOT to structure it! The candidates use this schematic to have a conversation between themselves about the subject of the schematic, using the ideas given. [Topic] is pretty similar to the last one - maybe we can skip it for now? The way I see it, you want tourists to spend more time in your city. . Adobe Acrobat Dokument 42.8 KB. Задания FCE Speaking (Part 3) Раздел экзамена « Speaking» состоит из 4-х частей. Can I have the booklet, please? Normally, the topic is the same for parts 2,3 and 4. I’d like you to imagine that a town wants more tourists to visit. – Candidate A: Yeah, well, I do agree with you on having more shops, but I think that building a nightclub is more important than holiday flats. ... Part 3 (Candidate A) Which of these two social activities would you rather be part of? Sometimes I hear the hairdryer.B- Well, maybe. In this part, as we will see in a minute, both candidates have to interact in order to succeed. And who should do which chores, too.B- That's just what I was thinking. or mark the expressions on their handout. (pointing)? – Candidate B: Yes, of course. The question and the 5 options are on a page the examiner gives you, so you can see it.You are normally given 15 seconds to get familiarize yourself with the task before starting the discussion. Always involve your partner. But remember, these candidates are not perfect, so try to learn from their mistakes rather than make them yours! Puedes leer cómo en nuestra Política de Privacidad. Don't you think?So then, what do you think is the best one?I guess you think we should choose [topic]?Are we both in favour of [topic]?Okay, so we agree.I don't think we're going to agree on this!Let's agree to disagree! First you have some time to look at the task. I’d like you to imagine that some students are doing a project about increasing the number of foreign tourists to your city. FCE Writing Part 2 Article C – Candidate A: I believe that this option (pointing), «building a large nightclub», will attract tourists, especially young ones who enjoy partying and going out with friends, don’t you think? Difficulty level: B2 /Upper Intermediate. In B2 First (FCE) Speaking Part 3, you must hold a discussion based on a situation and different options. A lot of families fall out over that topic, sadly. Fce speaking part-1 - 3 pages 1. As for parks, maybe they are a good thing for residents, but not for tourists, particularly. You are given a diagram, which includes a question with 5 different ideas to discuss. Let's listen to students Anna (A) and Barbara (B). Would you like a list of phrases you can use in the speaking exam? In part 3, try your best to politely interrupt and to be sociable - the examiners will notice and you will gain points while the other student is losing them. If you enjoyed this post, please comment and share! Is it okay if I start? While in part 2 you're not asked to interact with your partner, in part 3 of the B2 First speaking test, you are asked to speak with your partner for two minutes by discussing five related topics which relate to a question. Speaking B2 First (FCE): Guía Completa con Ejemplos, How to Succeed in B2 First (FCE) Speaking Part 3, Instructions and Possible Candidate’s Response, Basic observations for B2 First (FCE) Speaking Part 3, FCE Speaking Part 3: Useful Phrases to Engage in a Discussion, Speaking First: Ten practice tests for the Cambridge B2 First. But in this post I will focus more specifically in FCE Speaking Part 3, and I will give a detailed description of this part, which is very popular, just like I did with Part 1 and Part 2. Here are some ideas they’re thinking about and a question for you to discuss. Speaking Part 3.pdf. Honestly, my girlfriend just disappears into the bathroom for hours. This is a speaking activity for intermediate and upwards on the subject of persuading and convincing. Посмотрите больше идей на темы «английский, английский язык, язык». FCE Speaking Part Three questions on the topic of travel Examiner’s scripts 1 “Now I’d like to talk about something together for about two minutes. Useful Phrases for Speaking Part 3. In FCE speaking part 3, the examiner gives the candidates a task to perform and they need to interact with one another. You and a partner will be given a piece of paper and a task, such as deciding which item is most important on a list of items. In part 4, the topic stays the same, but the candidates interact with the … But that's depressing. This post offers learners 15 examples of collaborative tasks that are in the B2 FIRST.This is the 3rd task in the speaking exam that learners must carry our and also in the Trinity ISE III ()In this part of the exam the two candidates are to speak together about a situation.They should discuss the situation and take into account all of the 5 options providen. What’s your take on those two options? The interaction between you and your partner is one of the main marking criteria in the FCE speaking exam. So if you have plenty of shops and accommodation, it’s the perfect combination, right? FCE - Speaking - Part 1 Sample Questions Friends Do you have many friends? Related Articles. Part 3 is where you and your partner have to work together. Well, I think it's definitely not [topic]We can eliminate [topic] right away. In a different article, I have already told you about the B2 FCE Speaking Test (official called B2 First (FCE), by the way). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Back FCE Speaking Part 3 a. What's your opinion on it? (The examiner places the following picture in front of you and allows you 15 seconds to read the question and study the options.). [pointing to topic]What do you think about this idea?How do you feel about that one?We're running out of time, so let's move on.We still need to discuss [topic].Ah, that connects with the next topic. – Candidate A: Yes, sure, I also think it’s the best one. Some men hate it when their girlfriend has a higher salary. The conversation last for two minutes. So do we have an agreement? First, the examiner will describe a situation to you and your partner, and he/she will offer you different options to discuss.Second, after the brief discussion, you and your partner will have to decide on the best option for the situation proposed in the first part of the discussion. If your partner is too shy, just give them opportunities to talk as normal, wait a few seconds for an answer, then answer them yourself if needed. Structure of Speaking Part 3. FCE Speaking Part 3 has 2 parts. Shall we stick to having more shops then? FCE SPEAKING TEST PART THREE All the information has been taken from 1. (3 minutes) Now I would like you to talk about something together for about 2 minutes. But I suppose parks can be attractive, but I’m not sure how much exactly. Description of FCE Speaking Part 3. Search Search Download. You would? Each speaker talks about a related topic. Здесь можно найти карточки-картинки для третьей части устного экзамена FCE: Approximately 2 minutes. Speaking Part 2.pdf. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. FCE Speaking Test Part 3 Useful Phrases (with examples) February 29, 2016 by Andrew Girardin. fce speaking part some useful expressions Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. – Candidate A: Yeah, you’re absolutely right. But I think money can be a big problem in relationships. Maybe, but what about...?I think it would be better to...I'm not so keen on that.I don't really agree with you there.Weeeeeell maybe, but...Yeah, but, the thing is...The problem with what you said is...For one thing...[reason 1] And for another... [reason 2]. Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1'010.5 KB. Visit CAE Exam Tips. Online Assignment Help; How to build Speaking Fluency for the IELTS Speaking Part and score a higher band in the exam? FCE Use of English part 3 Difficulty level : B2 /Upper Intermediate This free FCE Use of English Practice Test helps with the word formation and vocabulary that you need to master for the FCE. Access Cambridge FCE Speaking Sample Test 1 here to help you prepare and succeed in the Cambridge CAE Exam. / Sure, no problem. Consigue un examen completo de B2 First Use of English con tu compra. Let’s see: It is always useful to see a real exam, so here’s a video of the third part of the FCE speaking test. This part lasts for 1 minute. FCE SPEAKING PART 2 (COMPARING AND CONTRASTING PICTURES) Useful Vocabulary for Picture Descriptio. Which one shall we start with?What do you think, Bob?Bob, I think you know a lot about [topic]. 11.06.2017 - Просмотрите доску «FCE speaking Part 3» пользователя Ольга Игнатенко в Pinterest. Shall we move onto [topic] now?So what about [topic]?I wonder if we can compare [current topic] to [new topic]?What about this one? – Candidate B: Well, if you ask me, putting up security cameras isn’t very appealing to anyone. The main elements of the task are the following: When sitting any speaking exam, it is important to know what to expect in terms of timing, tasks, instructions, content and so on. What is the most interesting thing you have done with your friends recently? First, the examiner will describe a situation to you and your partner, and he/she will offer you different options to discuss. You know, taking so much time in the bathroom.B- Sorry to interrupt but I think that's a bit of a stereotype. На этой странице у вас есть возможность посмотреть видео с настоящего экзамена по FCE… Next Irina- review. Speaking; Cambridge First (FCE) Tweet. However, it might not be the best type of tourism, because it can disturb neighbours and residents. B2 First (FCE) – Speaking – Part 3 and 4. Utilizamos cookies en esta página para mejorar la experiencia de navegación. I've split the phrases into different sections, and at the bottom of the page is an example conversation which uses some of the phrases in a natural way. – Candidate B: Okay, I see what you mean, but I don’t think the same way. Fce Speaking Part 3 Pictures 2 - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Do you need more explanation of how to use the phrases? The B2 First Speaking test (FCE) has four parts and in this video we look at the last half of the test. So, let it be about leisure time as we’ve already had an example of dealing with it when we compared the two photos in one of our audio lessons. What interests do you share with your friends? In FCE speaking part 2, the examiner gives each candidate two pictures and a question to discuss. Download. You would? FCE Speaking Part 3: Discussion with partner(s) Now we enter the section of the speaking exam that is all about interacting with your partner. With more than 700,000 registered users in over 100 countries around the world, Onestopenglish is the number one resource site for English language teachers, providing access to thousands of resources, including lesson plans, worksheets, audio, video and flashcards. Speaking Part 3. Do you think they’re a good idea? Explain that learners are going to practise using the expressions of agreeing and . FCE SPEAKING PART 3 SAMPLE CARDS/КАРТОЧКИ #1. First you speak about the question for 2 minutes together, then the examiner will give you 1 minute to make a decision about the best/worst/most interesting option. Provided below are some Part 3 and 4 practice questions for B2 First (formally known as FCE). Read the questions carefully before you listen. Tell me something about your best friend. Split the class into groups of 4 or 5. This example was taken from Ready for First, which you can read about on our FCE Books and Apps page. Click on the 'See script' button to review your answers. And it's true for brothers and sisters and boyfriends and girlfriends, too. What problems might arise in these relationships? This test will prove your competency in speaking and expressing yourself in English. Is it easy for you to make new friends? – Candidate A: As you said, security cameras are not appealing at all. It's not really true in my opinion.A- I have to disagree with you. FCE Listening part 3, test 2. You will speak for 3 minutes in the CAE Exam and 2 minutes in the FCE Exam. Your success starts at Greenwich English College. – Candidate B: Yes, I think so, too. Next FCE Speaking Part 3 b. One of the examiners is going to do the talking, and the other examiner is observing. Overview of CAE and FCE Speaking Part 3. FCE Speaking Part 2. Learn to do this properly and enjoy the post! You are not going to be on your own. Then you're in luck! How abouthaving more shops? Part 1. – Candidate B: Well, given our previous comments, I would say that the two best options would probably be the shops and the holiday flats, don’t you think? Part 3 of FCE Speaking is the first time that you interact with your partner. by Andrew Girardin. (This is followed by 1 minute of speaking … And they argue about who should pay for bills and such things.A- That connects with the next topic - flatmates. In part 3, a schematic with a question and a set of related ideas is given. In this part, you will hear five speakers. Let me know in the comments below. The examiner gives you a situation, some written prompts and a question for you to discuss in about two minutes. There are going to be two examiners, you and another test candidate. Would you like a list of phrases you can use in the speaking exam? Planning to do C1 Advanced? You will need this powerpoint: Debate, Discuss, Persuade. Maybe that option could go hand in hand with building holiday flats because. Get your copy of Speaking B2 to gain access to 10 complete B2 First (FCE) Speaking Tests and many more things: description of each part, sample answers, guidance for every part, mark sheet, author comments and tips, etc. FCE SPEAKING PART 3 (DISCUSSION) FCE Speaking Part 3. Before answering the questions, read these important notes about B2 First. Profesor de inglés. But what do you think about the other two options? Do you think you will always have the same friends? Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. It's always tricky to decide who should pay which bills.