�ኁ*��� ia �����#� � [a���f-�� a�����<3;�t�t&�™L6+�A�2%Y�3mP�Bf�D�Ȝt(��[�����*��΂��G��4{`�2��B[�{�g�'�L�5�Ȥ�pL��*S���δ�A� C�4���eV86y PROGRAMMA DI INGLESE CLASSE 5 SEZIONE O SOC-SAN Prof. Monica Adele Vielmi Grammar revision Reading and listening comprehensions: level B1 and B2 Microlingua: Internship: pros and cons Communication: the different types of communication and the importance of communication for workplaces Effective communications /what affects communication? don’t forget to put the ? stream PROGRAMMA D’INGLESE CLASSE 4 B A.S. 2018- 2019 Prof.ssa M.Grazia Burlacchini Sul libro di testo in adozone Venture B2 sono state svolte le units dalla 4 alla 11 compresa Grammar and Vocabulary: Present perfect vs Present Perfect continuous. programma del corso di lingua inglese settore scientifico l-lin/12 cfu 6 frequenza - valutazione - lingua frequenza del corso: obbligatoria online. even though, in spite of, although; - Appropriate words and expressions to indicate interest and show awareness of the speaker; e.g. Best choice B2 Pearson PROGRAMMA DI LINGUA E CULTURA INGLESE I.I.S. 18-19: Vocabulary-grammar Describing people (1) pag.22-23: Vocabulary-grammar My family pag.24-25: … (state verbs believe, love, hate, own, belong etc) She is playing football right now. Livello B1: Contenuto I punti Grammaticali: Review of Present Simple and Present Continuous example: I live in France. %PDF-1.4 Future continuous and future perfect. Search *COVID-19 Stats & Updates* *Disclaimer: This website is not related to us. 0 p. 132/3. :�q&_6��F���,Ԑ��n��|��&jR+�\-SB}z�)���.�/�\GV��ŗ�. intermediate – Ingliando Google boss warns of 'forgotten century' pin. ����5�� DOWNLOAD PDF . ESL B1 - Practice English exam papers for intermediate level ESL students. PROGRAMMA DI INGLESE ANNO SCOLASTICO 2017-18 INGLESE – CLASSE Terza B - G Docente: Emilia Caccioppoli Testi in adozione Testo: M.Harris , A. Sikorzynka – BEST CHOICE B2 – Ed. � )������8�v�@\����� v%�0�:�H00Nr CLA Siena Online p1: pin. A1 PROGRAMMA SVOLTO, ARGOMENTI DI MAGGIOR RILIEVO E COMPITI CLASSE: 4 AFM MATERIA: INGLESE DOCENTE: VALLE DANIELA 1) PROGRAMMA SVOLTO NELL’ANNO SCOLASTICO 2019/2020 BUSINESS: Business background: Production: goods and services, needs and wants,factors of production, the three sectors of economic activity, the channels of distribution, Commerce: trade and … ; - Past perfect tense; - Present perfect continuous tense; - Reporting verbs e.g.say, tell, ask, report, advise, promise; - Cohesive devices e.g. Programma B2; Programma C1; Programma C2; Login; Contatti; FAQ; B2 – Unit 4 – Use of English – Talking about history. Title: RISORSE PER LA PREPARAZIONE DELLA PROVA DI ACCERTAMENTO LINGUISTICO – INGLESE B2 Author: ecavallini Created Date: 4/30/2014 5:06:21 PM (FAULT) 4. For/since. Programma inglese – livello B2+ B2+ Grammar: - Linking expressions e.g. UNIT 1 e.g., p. 8 exs. ESL B1 ENGLISH EXAM PRACTICE. Riepilogo di tutti gli esercizi raccolti per ogni lezioni di grammatica inglese on line del sito, in questa pagina puoi scegliere l'esercizio giusto per te.Esercizi inglese : Guarda quanti esercizi hai fatto sul corso completo di inglese. 0����I�ǩ�9��]�xTg|!z�S�C�%�D�����x� e��؄�JJ���)��oջZ��i+訞��u��:��L��j�’�dߣ����I��x��I9ɘ)Q��3ϔ�I=�a�a�8��F�+c7�l��b����q�70�"���t �kF� ���g�����_������p��9&�d 1 a + b, e ex. PROGRAMMA DI LINGUA E CULTURA INGLESE ANNO SCOLASTICO 2015/16 CLASSE IVD DOCENTE: Morretta Francesca LIBRI DI TESTO: Performer Culture and Literature Voll.1-2 CASA ED. 1. Programma inglese – livello B2 B2 Grammar: - Present forms, - Future forms; - Past simple and Past perfect; - Past progressive; - Past perfect simple; - Past conditional; - Subject questions; - Question tags; - “Would” in the Past; - Reported speech; - If clauses; - Phrasal verbs; - Discourse connectors e.g. 152 0 obj <> endobj 173 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<239F613F2882B0469AFBCE8FBC121DB2>]/Index[152 55]/Info 151 0 R/Length 100/Prev 104956/Root 153 0 R/Size 207/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Learning disabilities: dyslexia, … Vocabulary Body idioms and human interaction Word formation Noun suffixes Similes Ways of talking Reading Studies in human … Really? %PDF-1.5 % Programma di Lingua e Cultura Inglese - Classe 1^ F Prof.ssa DE RUVO ELISABETTA Anno Scolastico 2018/2019 TESTO ADOTTATO PERFORMER B1 with PET Tutor - One II Edition Multimediale Autori: M. Spiazzi, M. Tavella e M. Layton - Ed. UNIT 2 e.g., p.17 exs. 5 0 obj B2 Word Formation WF012 Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into each blank. Login. What are the components of the course? %%EOF Did you? I am staying in London for a week. �!dN��Ho�������C)(�d�\�́�Q"{��Jז�-C*� ���|�Ĺ�����w�U~��̫M~����ۗ3�����8[͚��該>��L㢝�zHfQ�=�O�����G���MV�'� y�����Y��U��y+G�H9�rS/�L)�\��S�X;b�{Ő�C�0��a��+�����"L�w;r�{�P��f�0�vvXZ�O�%�v���ʡ)`?%>U!�ڄL{9��()���a��. B2 – Unit 4 – Protecting the land – Listening Test. PROGRAMMA DI INGLESE Classe I B Docente : G. Cimino Libri di testo : Spiazzi – Tavella – Layton , Performer B1, Zanichelli ... Toward B2 Reading and use of English Part 7 Why are many of Shakespeare’s plays set abroad? Register. $ Migliorare le competenze a livello grammaticolessicale degli studenti a livello B- 2 del Quadro Comune di Riferimento Europeo (link). <> (ACCUSE) 3. GRAMMAR: Present perfect / Past simple. TOPIC Poetry as a literary genre handout Sound devices handout Language devices handout The evolution of the English Language handout Celtic and Roman Britain p.24-25 The Anglo Saxons Britain p.27-28 The origins: the literary context : epic, Anglo-Saxon poetry, p.33-34 … h��Zmo�F�+�rA�B�r߷hs��Kc4���a�D�DeI��鯿��%iRQb�� Fill in the gaps with can/could/may/might in their positive and negative forms. PROGRAMMA DI LINGUA INGLESE A.S. 2019/2020 Classe 1° L Insegnante: Maria B. Sanjust Libro di testo: “Network 1” Grammar To be- to have Subject Personal Pronouns Possessive adjectives Possessive’s Plural nouns Object Personal Pronouns Prepositions of place Can/can’t Present Simple WH- questions Present Continuous Past Simple Irregular verbs Functions Talking about family Talking … Via Silvestri 301 LICEO SCIENTIFICO MALPIGHI . The vacuum cleaner had a _____ switch, so I sent it back. Disciplina: INGLESE PROGRAMMA CLASSI TERZE LICEO LANGUAGE All Tenses: Revision Passive: Revision Libro di testo M.Spiazzi-M.Tavella-M.Layton “Performer Consolidate B2” Ed.Zanichelli CULTURE SPECIFICATION 1: THE MAKING OF THE NATION Meet the Celts From the Romans to the Anglo-Saxons The Norman conquest and feudalism Henry II: the first Plantagenet king King John and the Magna … Let's fight back coronavirus. B2 – Unit 4 – Talking about History – Test . endstream endobj startxref 41 best FCE listening First Certificate in English images on First Certificate in English 1 listening test 1 part 1 with answer keys: pin. Cideb Civiltà e cultura letteraria Libro di testo: Compact Performer, Spiazzi, Tavella, Ed. livello b2 inglese programma: pin. There is absolutely no basis for the _____ against him. Present Simple and Present Continuous (state and active verbs) example: I understand French. We just share the information for a better world. 1/2 Habits and Tendencies. B2 Intermediate; C1 Advanced; C2 Proficiency; GRAMMAR GUIDES. ENGLISH EXERCISES . You need to be logged in to access this lesson. Have/get something done. LINGUA E CULTURA INGLESE Classe 2B Docente Patrizia Liliana De Grandi Testi: P. Radley, Network 1 STB & WKB, Oxford P. Radley, Network 2 STB & WKB, Oxford L. Ferruta, M. Rooney, Global Eyes, Mondadori for English F. Invernizzi, D. Villani, S. Mastrantonio, D. A. Hill, Top Grammar Upgrade, Helbling Languages MODULI ARGOMENTI Culture U #8 London U #9 New York U #15 Ireland Network 1 … PROGRAMMA PER TEST DI ACCERTAMENTO COMPETENZE LINGUISTICHE INGLESE B2 PER ACCESSO ALLE LAUREE MAGISTRALI anno accademico 2018/2019 Verbs Regular and irregular forms Modals can could (be) able to could (do) could have (done) would will shall should may might have (got) to … Past and Present. 6 0 obj Corso d’Inglese: Preparazione al PET B1 Accademia Domani Via Pietro Blaserna, 101 - 00146 ROMA (RM) info@accademiadomani.it 2 Programma … INGLESE MILANO. (COMFORT, BEAR) 2. $�?�Πg`����� �i � Search. Pearson Get Ready Grammar: Present Simple and Present Continuous (revision). %�쏢 p. 131. 16-17: Vocabulary-grammar In the classroom pag. Each course lasts one semester (Approximately: 20 weeks / 5 hours per week). How long does the course last? Oh dear! PROGRAMMA di LINGUA INGLESE DOCENTE: Mariella Piano Dal libro di testo: C. Latham-Koenig / C. Oxenden “ENGLISH FILE” Digital Gold B1/B1+ Ed. The B1 intermediate level English exams and answer sheets provided here are in downloadable and printable PDF files. Pearson Longman Testo di grammatica : Grammar and vocabulary multitrainer Ed. 206 0 obj <>stream h�b```�y���� ��ea��`ph�Ґ���lnP^�b�q�FIZ�y��l�� @% ` pag12-13: Vocabulary-grammar Famous people pag. p. 133 UNIT 3 e.g., p.25 GRAMMAR ex. 4/5 Past Progressive and Perfect Progressive. Past Simple and Continuous (revision). PROGRAMMA PER ESAMI INTEGRATIVI DI LINGUA INGLESE CLASSE PRIMA CORSO ORDINAMENTALE E SCIENZE APPLICATE GRAMMAR Tenses: Present Simple – Present Continuous Past Simple – Past Continuous Present perfect – Past Perfect Future Forms: Present Continuous / Will/ Be going to modal verbs: can, could, may, might, must, have to, should Subject and object Pronouns Possessive … x��ZKs�._�W�/ɮ����8VR�R%��7�i3���DRJ�G�{� 30���T�8�@7��~μ_���5����v������q��7��+7��o� �W���D�ִq�ӊ �{����Z�A���v`j��]m���?W���oW�׊;���0kì���9[s?�IO���v��Zk��L��3E��Z����t�H�;'F��H������o[@1&��a+�6���'�������펳A2�7�[1h�ܼ�L��Y�Nk���|�v��RI����]�s[�~�)~���� $��8�?���I��#P'@������� � �@��������)y�f6�0�.�ll�0J�| ��-;)ݠ�m�E�M4�������~qn�+�5��z�&����M�L�5�'a�$��A��Ig� wy$���ӸO(���4�Γ��~�tuEV�ǎ�H|-�M���J����6�" zD�o ��kL��NW� �ܑZ���zT�.a����HN�ˠ~\�Y���*�=!�-���u��&��i�#t��2Ɣ��{�ֻB/��BY- Progetto di Ateneo Lingua Inglese UNICA - CLA Programma del Livello B2 . PROGRAMMA DI LINGUA E CULTURA INGLESE CLASSE 4A Prof.ssa Anna Ferranti A.S. 2019/20 Summer work: Gulliver’s Travels, by J. About Us We believe everything in the internet must be free. O.U.P. UNIT 2 A) Spend or save? Swift, B1.2 Ed. Italiano . Present Perfect Simple and Progressive. They suffered great _____ on the expedition because the temperatures were almost _____. B) Family life Future forms: pres.cont/ goig to/ will-won’t. Complete the sentences using may or might. PROGRAMMA DI LINGUA INGLESE CLASSE ID A.S. 2017-2018 DOCENTE: FRANCESCA MOREDDU LIBRO DI TESTO: VENTURE 1 OXFORD Introductions pag. The articles. 10-11 : Vocabulary-grammar A new student? CLASSE: 4^ELE MATERIA: INGLESE DOCENTE: S. CAROLI 1) PROGRAMMA SVOLTO NELL’ANNO SCOLASTICO 2017/2018 INGLESE TECNICO (English for new technology) Unit 5 DISTRIBUTING ELECTRICITY: The distribution grid - The Transformer - Edison, Tesla and the Passive forms. PROGRAMMA LINGUA INGLESE CLASSE: 4^C a.s.2018-2019 DOCENTE: Prof.ssa Mariangela Antonelli LIBRO DI TESTO: Gateway B2+ 2nd Edition Premium Pack AUTORI: David Spencer,Frances Treloar & Gill Holley CASA EDITRICE: MacMillan STUDENT’S BOOK UNIT 1: INTERACT! � Description Cambridge English Empower B2 Student's Book Account Report this file. UNIT 1 A) Mood Food GRAMMAR: Present simple and continuous.Action non action verbs. h�bbd```b``f�� ��Dr_��E��5 �� ̆��`�N0; IVD2*�H�(Y�$�#����� At the moment there are 3 intermediate level exam papers … Esercizi di listening in inglese online per migliorare l'inglese : pin. Navigazione articoli. (active verbs… Posted on 2 Novembre 2015 28 Agosto 2017 by admin. %PDF-1.5 %���� ���ν�:� ���H�&��MW�a�� l29�ݭ���u������Z��5���M>.�I!�*�ᆖ�"����q��[=� Up���?뼔�`�Bg3��2���p�:y����I����_�q~?^IZa}����ϠAd_�?�e2���1�+D~���|�e:����:(���쓗;��~��hU{�tL��#�+��@�` � Obiettivi formativi/Objectives . endstream endobj 153 0 obj <>/Metadata 14 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 150 0 R/StructTreeRoot 28 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 154 0 obj <>/Font<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Type/Page>> endobj 155 0 obj <>stream B2 Coursebook. B2 Upper Intermediate aims at B2 level in English, as outlined by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).